Studio Policy

TUITION Tuition for band covers rehearsal. A late-payment fee of $20 will be added to all tuition not received by the 10th of the month. Cash, Checks may be made payable to: Make a Joyful Noise, and credit card excepted online through paypal or swiped in studio are all accepted forms of payment.

TERMINATION OF BAND: Band is paid by the month but commitment is for a school year. If you discontinue before the school year a fee of $100 per student will be charged.


Refunds, credits, or make-ups will not be given for rehearsals missed or canceled by the student. 


There will be no rehearsals on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, Spring Break, Memorial Day and July 4.


If a student forgets their music for their rehearsal three times, an additional set will need to be purchased by the student to leave at the studio.


Parents are welcome to wait in fellowship hall and any siblings may wait or play on the playground. Parents must be with the children while on the playground. Dropping off and picking up students is fine, just know that we are not responsible for your student once rehearsal is over. Be sure to discuss with your student if they are to come to you or wait for you to get them inside. 



Open communication is a necessity to have successful rehearsals

1. E-mail (

2. Website (

If you have any concerns please let me know



        a. Evaluations and Competitions. There are sometimes application fees for these activities, and I will keep you informed of the dates and costs.   
        b. Band Concerts are held throughout the year. All band students are required to play concerts.                                                 


I have set a standard for concert events. Students will wear a Band Polo. You may purchase a polo or borrow for concerts. Black pants/skirts and black shoes will be worn with the polo. Skirts should be long enough to be appropriate for on-stage appearances. (Exception to the dress code on costume concerts)


In order to learn your instrument well, practice must be done. It is the parent's responsibility to assist in setting a schedule and to make certain practice is done. Each student must establish a routine of uninterrupted practice time at least five times per week. For beginning students, practice should consist of ten, twenty or thirty minutes per session with a goal of 100 minutes per week. Length of practice should increase at least 20 minutes per week for each year of study. What is more important than the length of practice session is for the time spent to be concentrated time. Parents should have the instruments in a different room from the television set. Parents should read the practice assignment each week. If you, the parent, do not understand assignments, please call me. Parents are encouraged to listen to their student perform his/her assignment at least once per week. Success in learning to play any instrument DEPENDS on parental involvement! Commitment equals Success!! Rewarding progress is guaranteed if sufficient time has been offered at home for the student to develop efficient practice skills.



In 2003 I started an awards system to encourage students to become totally involved in music in all areas of their lives and to encourage students to strive to set practice and performance goals each year. The awards are given for each year of study in the hopes they continue to study music each and every year. The awards are given at the Concert.

Prize levels:

1 year: Certificate

2 years: Musical Pin

3 years: Medal

4 years: Small Trophy

5 years: Medium Trophy

6 years: Large Trophy

7 years: Plaque

8 years: Bronze Award

9 years: Silver Award

10 years: Gold Award

Senior Award for all graduating Seniors


HORN: Students may begin and continue at the age of 10 through adulthood. All levels are taught in private lessons. The beginning student has a thirty-minute lesson per week. Depending upon the commitment, ability, and level students are encouraged to extend their weekly lesson time to 45 or 60 minute lessons.

BAND: Students may begin and continue at the age of 10 through 18. All levels from Beginning to Advanced will be available as the bands grow. Rehearsals for the beginning band are once a week for 1 hour.